We are dedicated to helping Aikido students  enrich their training experience and expand their knowledge base.  On this site you will find information about Aikido’s history, the dojo, training topics for both physical and spiritual development.

Nearly 80 years after Morihei Usehiba (O’Sensei) founded Aikido, it has exploded onto the world stage.  While Aikido’s beginnings started with a small number of Japanese practitioners, it has expanded into a network of dojo (places to study the way) covering over 100 countries.  Thousands of people begin their “aiki” journeys each year, while hundreds of thousands continue following their own individual paths.

Both beginning and experienced students will find topics of interest at Aikidotoday.com and inside the book “An Open Secret – A Student’s Handbook for Learning Aikido Techniques of Self-Defense and the Aiki Way!”

Aikido distinguishes itself by shunning the sport and competitive violence spawned by the pseudo arts popularized in televised cage fighting, mixed martial art brawls and computers games.  Yet at the same time, Aikido has risen to be recognized as a headline program at the World Combat Games.

Aikido has an important role in continuing the legacy of the dojo culture.  The world is in greater need today than ever to embrace the philosophy and approach to life espoused by O’Sensei.  The Aikido culture (budo) helps shape youth, transitions adolescents to become contributing members of society, and helps adults continue self-improvement of their spiritual and physical well-being.

Aikido’s path is not a solitary travel, but one that requires the help of many as you learn, train and experience the Aiki way.  It offers a path that all can follow, be they still in formative childhood years or someone with many years of life experience.

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