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What I Do For “ME TIME”


Santa After Christmas Eve

Whew, it’s all done and over with for another year!

After the pace I’ve been on these past several weeks, I’m ready for some ME TIME!  Lest you misunderstand me here, I love the holiday season.  There are the social events with co-workers, the dojo, friends and family gatherings that are pleasant activities (for the most part).  We have a “Christmas stroll” down main street in our town with caroling, eggnog and tasty goodies.  I’ve certainly added a few extra pounds to ward off the cold Montana winter by enjoying some yummy holiday fare.…

Flashback & Glimpse Into The Future

The following is an excerpt from “An Open Secret” – A Student’s Handbook for Learning Aikido Techniques of Self-Defense and the Aiki way:


While seated on the floor in total stillness, I am filled with a sense of tranquility. An ikebana arrangement sits graceful against the rich wood paneled backdrop of the shomen. A portrait of the founder (O’Sensei), appearing simultaneously serene and stern, seems to be focused solely on me.

Glancing just off center at the display of weaponry, I realize the simplicity of the room is very deceiving.…