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Kagami Biraki – Aikido Dojo & Samurai Tradition


If you are in anyway involved with an Aikido dojo during the month of January, you have undoubtedly heard about “Kagami Biraki.”  Most traditional schools celebrate this ancient Japanese tradition, which dates back to Samurai practices from the 15th Century.

At the headquarters of most Aikido organizations, Kagami Biraki celebration is also a time when the official announcements of rank promotion are made. This is a highlight for most people with “black belt” rank, as it is a public proclamation of one’s achievement.  …

Misogi – A Hallmark of Aikido

Shinto Purification Rite

The New Year is upon us and like many people I am preparing to welcome in 2015! For me that means doing some general housekeeping both at home, work and within myself. Cleaning up or purifying (misogi) is a tradition to begin a new year. For me it’s right up there with celebrating midnight on the 31st by sharing a toast and kiss with my wife.

In many corners of the world, these next few weeks are a time of much preparation.…