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Learning Aikido can be a life changing activity.  Aikido is a form of self-defense that places emphasis on internal energy using one’s coordinated body and mind.  It is a martial art that has mass appeal and is practiced in over 110 countries worldwide.  The practice of Aikido is a proven approach to helping women and men of all ages improve their physical and mental well-being.  The Aikido culture helps shape youth and helps transition adolescents to becoming contributing members of society.

“An Open Secret” is a book for anyone interested in learning this world renowned martial art.  As the author, Tony Blomert, states “Aikido must be felt and experienced …  this is best done with the help of the capable instructors at the Aikido dojo.”3D book back open secret

Knowing the how and why behind Aikido basics is essential to speed up one’s learning curve.  Here are just some of the topics covered:

  • Class Room Basics – Bowing, Sitting, Formalities & Etiquette
  • Dojo Honorifics and Titles
  • Senpai and Kohai Relationship
  • The Aikido Dojo
  • The Aikido Uniform, Hakama, Training Weapons
  • Aikido’s Official Organization
  • Bushido and the Aiki Spirit
  • Fundamental Training Guide
  • 5 – Key Tips for Learning Aikido
  • Unknown-26


Here’s a sample of what experts and students have to say about “An Open Secret:”

 00000009“A Necessary Primer for Aikido – An absolute must read for anyone starting the path.  This covers so much material that people simply do not learn for years… This will kick start your training and get you off and moving faster.”  – Mark Linsenbardt Las Vegas, Nevada USA

 00000009“My opinion as a 28 year Aikido veteran is that this book is expertly organized, clearly written, well rounded and a balanced work.  It is a must have primer for all beginning, intermediate and advanced students on etiquette, responsibilities, and a wide ranging – comprehensive vocabulary list.” –  Bert A. Locke –  Bozeman, Montana USA

 00000009“FIVE STARS – Excellent reference, well written and full of helpful content.” – John Edwards Brisbane, Queensland Australia

 00000009“Very Insightful Handbook to Aikido Dojo Culture and Why It Is That Way … this book specializes in and others into one place, namely, everything else that happens in the dojo.  There is a true “open secret” that con be heard from many of the best and wisest martial artists in many arts from many times: respect the basics, and train constantly.”  – Mark DeFilio (Associate Editor – American Hindu Today Magazine) New York, New York USA


 00000009“This is a very good book for any beginning Aikido student … it is clear and easy to read, and most importantly answers those questions we all once had yet seem to forget to explain to our own students. ” – Gene Martinelli (Chief Instructor – Aikido at the Centre) Palm Harbor, Florida USA

 00000009“Aikido De-mystifed!  He tackles topics in detail in each chapter, emphasizing the spirit (budo) of the marital art itself, while de-mystifying and remaining focused on the methodology that has also made the physical aspects of Aikido successful worldwide. ” – Manny Santos Las Vegas, Nevada USA

 00000009“Super, very nice and informative” – Ole Jensen (Chief Instructor – Daito-ryu Aiki Jujutsu Roppokai) Copenhagen, Denmark