We have culled through numerous publications, instructional DVDs, books and manuals to come up with a short list of great educational sources. You can find them by scrolling through the “I Recommend” widget in the lower right hand of this page.

Here’s the featured book for January:

Journey to the Heart of AIkido

Cover Journey to the Heart of Aikido


Journey to the Heart of Aikido by Linda Holiday, features the teachings of Motomichi Anno Shihan.  Anno Sensei has a profound understanding of Aikido’s principles based on his studies directly with O’Sensei and decades with Michio Hikitsuchi.  He relays his knowledge clearly and with poignant examples.  Linda Holiday translate’s Anno Sensei so that his message resonates to all student’s, regardless of their experience level.

Anno’s explanations of Aikido’s “spiritual” aspects are in keeping with his deeply held belief that the practice of Aikido offer’s a peaceful solution to conflict.  He covers sound “budo/marital” concepts as it applies to daily practice.  I was very pleased to find that he includes a descriptive discussion of how to be an effective training partner (uke), a personal peeve of mine.

As to this book’s pick for January’s review it is most fitting to begin the new year reading about Aikido’s “heart.”  Anno Sensei provides understandable details into misogi principles and practices.  He explains numerous exercises, used in most of today’s dojo, that are grounded in the spiritualism of the Founder.

 Aikido Today’s pick of the month is “Journey to the Heart of Aikido”  It’s readily available in both e-reader format and print versions.