February 14, 2015

To:  All Whom Sent Well Wishes and Received a Copy of “An Open Secret”

I received so many congratulatory and birthday wishes during the past few days that my mailbox & private message utility were literally overflowing.  I would like to thank everyone personally, but realize that it would take days to do so and I want to express my timely gratitude.  Therefore this Open Letter comes first.

I am absolutely thrilled with the positive response that the launch of “An Open Secret” is receiving from the Aikido and Martial Arts community.  Over a 2 day period, you helped propel the book to the #1 martial arts book at the Amazon Kindle store.  Despite letting only a few people know about the book promotion nearly 1,400 copies were downloaded.  This ranked “An Open Secret” as the 205th most purchased book on the last day of the event (2/12/15).  To put this into prospective, the book ranked ahead of nearly 12,000,000 other books.

WOW – I am so very honored by everyone’s actions and reception.

The book was written to promote Aikido and help individuals learn to become better Aikidoka. Today’s world is in more need than ever to embrace Aikido’s message and life-style.

Thank you for helping to spread Aiki philosophy across the globe.  This brief eBook promotion ran in 13 different countries.  To continue the momentum, please take a few minutes to post a review at whichever Amazon website you obtained your copy.  There are 2 easy ways to do this, first is to go to the last page of “An Open Secret” while connected to the internet.  There is a place to jot down your comments along with a 1 – 5 star approval rating.  Alternatively, you can log on to your Amazon account, go to digital purchases and tap on the “leave a review” button.

I want to know your honest thoughts and comments.  Your review will also help share with others the important information contained in the book.

Because of the tremendous response, the book will continue to be available at the Amazon Kindle stores for only $0.99 during the next week.  So if you know someone, either a friend or fellow dojo member who didn’t get in on the free promotion, share this practically free opportunity with them.


Doumo arigatou gozaimashita,

Tony M. Blomert

P.S.  If you leave me your contact information in the form below I will forward to you information about future deals and up date posts.