Aikido Symbolism

The practice of Aikido is said to be a life long pursuit that doesn’t end in the dojo. It goes on continuously through one’s life, fighting to achieve balance, peace and an enlightenment of the mind and spirit.

As practioners and students of Aikido, we often encounter symbols in written teachings and documents.  The must fundamental symbols we find are the triangle, circle and square.  The importance is not found in their individual shapes or meanings.  It is all three together as one!…

Aikido for Over 40’s (& 50’s or more)

We came across an insightful post from one of your FaceBook friends (Ben White, AU) on a subject of starting Aikido training after age 40, or for that matter any age.  Ben’s clear insight – “It is a sad thing that people place age discrimination upon themselves and hold themselves out of trying new things because they have this view that things are past them and they they are too old to try a new physical activity. For me, stepping out and trying Aikido was one of the best decisions I have made in my life, the benefits of Aikido training are endless.”2014 April 21-May 3, Vacation (549)

May 22, 2015

Turning 40 was an interesting time in my life, as it came nearer I tried not to really think about it and I really did not celebrate the occasion when it came around.…